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1st find: Free HULU Plus Premium Account !?!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!  Today must be my lucky day!  I'm not Chinese thought :D :D

But today, I'd like to share my day's find :  FREE HULU Plus Premium Account!  (If you want to see it yourself, just click on that link.)

It's just that I find crackle boring so i tried to switch to HULU.  The big "but" is, i dont have a Hulu account.  What to do?  Simmer the soup and hunt for a free HULU plus account! :D 

If you think doing the search and deep research is easy?! You are definitely wrong.  Though all i do is google things up, it would reach up to hours and hours for me to find the good stuffs.  That's because, the real juicy freebies just dont pop in front of you and wave "hello, I'm here".  I needed to scour pages and pages of my search results.  Once I find one, I open it and try it right away.  If the free Hulu accounts doesn't work, then I'm off to continue my search.

Now, today's find, i had to dig deeper.   I came across a lot of potential websites and blogs.  Most of them are from Yahoo Answers.  But the results are not promising, still couldn't log in.  I reached the 8th page of the search results and found one particular blog - this one :  http://premiecompte.com/hulu-premium-account-download/  I went in and check.  

This site didn't really say the Hulu Plus accounts are free.  But they never said it's to be paid as well. Hmmm... 

Then there's this instruction on how to do the download.  Here, let me just paste it here for you guys to evaluate:

Here’s how to download your Premium HULU Account:

1. Press the download button above.  If it doesn’t work, press HERE.

2. Bots or those “electronic humans” have been plaguing and flocking to our website lately. Aside from the fact that they’ve been trying to infect our lowly site with virus, adware and malware. Hence, we had to put some systems in place to prevent unlikely occurrences. To continue with the download,  you had to go through a verification process by  way of completing offers and surveys.

3. Once the verification is complete, the premium Hulu accounts will be downloaded for you automatically. Each download contains 10 premium Hulu accounts!

4. Got to Hulu’s website and try out the premium accounts that you’ve just download. If the popcorn is ready, just sit back and enjoy your favorite tv show  and newly released movies.

5. As a manner of speaking, they accounts that you have download are actually shared to others. Please, do not try to change the passwords. Otherwise, these accounts would become useless to the next people who’ll use it.

6. We update the accounts on bi-weekly basis. If by chance the downloaded accounts becomes unusable for you, just come to our website again and download fresh premium accounts.


See, seems to be legit to me.  Seems ok.  

So, just like the other blogs and sites, I decided to go for it.  Soon enough, I clicked the download button.  Yes, there was an offer form for me to complete.  I guess the "bots" that they mentioned cannot get passed through this page as I believe only real people can do it.  

Just right after I completed the offer, a "zip" file got downloaded !!!  It's the file that contains the free Hulu Plus account - 10 of them!!!  I tried one, boom! Im IN !!! :D :D :D   I got IN on the first try.  How cool is that?!

This is what I like!  Found a realy unpolished gem in that blog! ;)

Ok, 'till next time.

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